Vegan-yogi in Thailand

The journey of a Belgian yogi, living a plant-based lifestyle, sharing passion and love as a yoga teacher and life-coach in Asia.


Hi beautiful beings,

Thanks for visiting my blog, where I will share my vegan-yogi life with you. Stories about yoga, veganism, health, life, positivity, mindfulness,.. to inspire, to connect and learn, to share hope, love, peace and happiness.

My name is Loba-Luna, a 24 y/o Belgium girl, currently living in Thailand.

I’m working as a yoga-specialist in Amatara, Phuket. Teaching Yoga asana classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Yoga Nidra), Meditation, Pranayama, Jala Neti, Yoga consultations, and Mindfulness and Life-coach sessions. Besides this job, I’m available as a freelancer after work, and in weekends and holidays.

+ NEW –> I’m starting up my life-coaching business . I’ll include this within the yoga package in my job. But besides that, it will also be available online, to reach out to more people (Skype/Chat sessions). Examples of certain topics are “Finding my life purpose”, “New-day resolutions”, “Going for Change”, to “How to break-up with my bad-habits”, “Making dreams come true”. Where we will work together to make it all happen πŸ˜‰

Everyone is able to live a life in excitement, with a clear mind, an open heart and a free soul. My goal is to make the best out of this 1 life that’s given to us, by helping others taking care of their health and happiness to do the same. Choose the life you want to live!

MUCH love and hugs from me to you ❀

“We are all one, we are all together in this one world, I am you and you are me, and I will take care of you, of me, of us and of this world.” #Loba-Luna_Hauke

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